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We are enabling new distribution capabilities for travel and tourism companies around the world, no matter the size of your business. The exponential growth potential and market reach offered by TravelBox™ Tritium makes it the ideal H2H aggregator for the travel sector  

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Why Tritium?

Powerful Unified Hub for H2H Connections

TravelBox™ Tritium is a fully-fledged standalone H2H REST API and offers a comprehensive range of third party connectors aggregated across multiple components and inventories to offer the best holiday product in real-time.

Advanced Aggregation

The aggregation capability of TravelBox™ Tritium offers the best results as preferred by the business owner. Our solution presents inventory, rates, content, etc., offered by multiple sources in a single simplified view.

Aggregation Control

Our solution offers flexibility for travel and tourism companies to pick any H2H connector via TravelBox™ Tritium platform. The solution is designed to intelligently select the best available options across multiple inventory sources through our de-duplication rules engine.

Intelligent Rich Content Mapping

CodeGen's travel aggregator is powered with artificial intelligence to brilliantly assimilate rich content from multiple sources and deliver in a unified format. The rich content delivered, will then be presented to the right customer, at the right time through our unique Search Source Preference (SSP) rule engine and content normalisation algorithms.

Profile Management

Dedicated customer profile management is enabled via our travel aggregator platform to enable customised services when managing H2H connections for a particular business, depending on the customer preference and the business requirement. A user can connect with any preferred third-party for rates, content and or contract customisations effortlessly with unique login credentials.

Independent, Scalable & Cloud Ready

TravelBox™ Tritium travel aggregator platform is designed in a scalable manner to meet your business needs and is cloud-ready for easy deployment and management; independently deployable and supports any reservation or booking engine.

Multi-Distribution & Globalisation

Our travel technology platform enables multi-company, division, brands, distribution channels, source markets, destinations, client segments, currencies, multilingual content to globalise your travel business, under a unified platform. Maximise reach, market penetrations and enhance revenue significantly overtime.

Managed service offering

Our state of the art travel aggregation technology is offered as a fully managed service for any travel and tourism company to leverage the power of TravelBox™ Tritium unified platform. This product is ready to be deployed as a standalone API or SaaS model, where we handle all hosting and servicing for you.

Customer Portal

Manage your H2H Channel Manager profile, setup Search Source Presencer rules and get access to our intuitive reporting tool or insights on sales, pricing trends, revenue, look to book ratio of H2H connectors and much more via TravelBox™ Tritium, CodeGen’s travel aggregator.

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